Classical Instruments
i. String Instruments
  • Veenai
  • Violine
  • Harmonium
  • Keyboard
ii.Rhythm Instruments
  • Mirudangam
  • Thabla
iii.Blowing instruments
  • Flute
  • Saxophone
iv.Hindustani Instruments
  • Harmonium
Western Instrument
  • Keyboard
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Electronic Drumpad

playing music can have some fascinating psychological benefits. Regularly playing an instrument teaches you perseverance, discipline, and responsibility, important skills for accomplishing anything in life. Playing music also fills you with a sense of accomplishment; after all, you should feel good about mastering a song, difficult chord, or instrument!

Kids aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits of learning an instrument. Adults will also gain tremendously from playing a musical instrument. Music has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, develop creativity, and build confidence.

Here are a few ways you can live a better, happier, healthier life just by picking up an instrument and learning to play the music you love


  • Again Increases the capacity of your memory
  • Refines your time management and organizational skills
  • Boosts your team skill
  • Teaches you perseverance
  • Enhances your coordination
    Increases your responsibility
  • Exposes you to cultural history
  • Sharpens your concentration
  • Fosters your self-expression and relieves stress
  • Promotes your social skills
  • Boosts your listening skills
  • Promotes happiness in your life and those around you.

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