• Carnatic Vocal (Abyasaganam till sabaganam)
  • Thevaram
  • Thiruvasagam
  • Thirupugal
  • Thirppavai & Thiruvenpaavai
  • Sampradhaya bajans
  • Devotional songs

Song is surely one of the best human expressions. Beautiful words come alive and sound even more beautiful when they are strung together in good music. Classical Carnatic music is one of the best forms of Indian classical music that has a profound effect on the listeners. though good voice is a God given gift, it’s the Carnatic music that made it even more polished and melodious. If children start learning Carnatic music at an early age, it helps develop their vocal cord and improves their pronunciation, thus improving quality of speech. Carnatic music develops a sense of balance and proportion in a person.

No matter what your reason for listening to or learning Carnatic music, it’s certain that you are going to have a positive mind and a balanced personality that will make you shine like a star wherever you go.

Carnatic music is the emergence of traditional capability. No one in this world will hate the rhythm of Carnatic music. Lots of audience has been increased for the carnatic music festival.

Benefits of Vocal classes

Music helps people to “think on their feet”

Music augments memory. For example, most people learn their ABC’s by singing them. Repeating a tune in a predictable rhythmic song structure makes memorization easier.

Optimizes brain neuron development & circuitry

Assists motor development especially coordination of hands, eyes and body

Expands multiple intelligences and helps students’ transfer study, cognitive and communication skills from subject to subject in any syllabus

In vocal music learning rhythm, phrasing, and pitch greatly enhances language, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary skills.

Singing is a great way to aid/improve reading ability and instruction. Karaoke is a perfect example. Children may learn a song by ear (auditory) but words on a TV or computer screen provide a simultaneous visual anchor.

Teaches kids how to handle/manage stress during standardized exams

Helps children channel unexpressed and/or negative emotions in a positive way

Solo performance is connected to self-esteem & self-efficacy. (concept of self capacity) Children learn to reach for their very best.

Children who study music usually have a better attitude, are more motivated and are less intimidated by learning new things

Learning to sing is a great skill for children to learn. It’s a way in which they’re able to express themselves, can help ease any stress in their life and gives them a boost of confidence in their own ability.

Boosts creative thinking

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